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育人 Student Development

    • 第1层 - 任课教师
    • 第2层 - 年级主任、副年级主任和训导老师
    • 第3层 - 协作教育工作者(学习及行为支援)、辅导员、教育心理学顾问和学校领导


    • 3位年级主任(1-2年级、3-4年级、5-6年级)
    • 6位副年级主任(1-6年级)
    • 品德与公民教育主任
    • 学务部主任
    • 4位训导老师(1-2年级、3-4年级、5-6年级)
    • 个案管理小组

    • 1位全职辅导员
    • 2位兼职辅导员
    • 2位协作教育工作者(学习及行为支援)
    • 3位年级主任
    • 学校领导(副校长)

    • 我们坚信每个孩子都是独特的个体,每个孩子都是好孩子。
    • 我们致力于构建良好的师生关系,每个老师都是富有爱心的教育工作者。
    • 我们旨在让每个老师有信心与能力去用爱心处理纪律问题,每个老师都是纪律导师。
    • 我们为需要帮助的老师提供支援。

Student Development Team
Our team supports our students by looking into their development through a 3-Tier framework.
    • Tier 1 is supported by classroom teachers
    • Tier 2 is supported by YHs/AYHs/DMs
    • Tier 3 is supported by AED (LBS), Counsellors, EP and SLs

Building on a culture of care
Every child, a good child
Every teacher, a caring educator
Every teacher, a discipline teacher

The team comprises the following members working hand-in-hand to cater to our students’ learning and behavioural needs:
    • 3 Year Heads (P1-2, P3-4, P5-6)
    • 6 Assistant Year Heads (P1 to P6)
    • HOD CCE
    • HOD Student Well-being
    • 4 Discipline Masters/Mistresses (P1-2, P3-4, P5 and P6)
    • Case Management Team

Working closely with our team of Educational Psychologists from MOE Psychological Services Branch (PSB)
    • 1 full-time counsellor
    • 2 part-time counsellors
    • 2 AEDs (Learning and Behavioural Support)
    • 3 Year Heads
    • School Leader (Vice-Principal)

As a TEAM,
    • We strongly believe that every child that comes through our hands is a unique individual and "Every child, a good child".
    • We want to build positive Teacher-Student Relationships (TSR) as a whole school approach where "Every Teacher, a Caring Educator".
    • Given the belief that ‘Every teacher, a discipline teacher’, teachers will have the confidence and competence to discipline with care.
    • We provide support to teachers who teach students with special needs and behavioural issues.