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英文 English Language


    • 通过聆听、阅读和观察,客观地分析信息
    • 通过口语和书面语有效地与他人沟通
    • 通过真实、多元的学习体验扩大视野、深化见解

The English Language Programme aims to equip our students with the learning dispositions, knowledge and skills to

    • access and process information critically through listening, reading and viewing so as to enable them to make meaning of the world they live in;
    • communicate effectively through speaking, writing and representing- to enable them to make a positive impact under different contexts; and
    • broaden their perspectives and deepen their insights through authentic and diverse learning experiences.

课程重点 Programme Highlights

    • 共享图书法 - 通过分享大图书强化语文与阅读技能
    • 经修正语言体验法 - 通过体验达到学习的效果
    • 反思性学习 - 通过英文日志反复学习
    • 自主学习 - 通过科技来辅助自主学习
    • 协作学习 - 通过科技与同侪互相学习

    • Shared Book Approach - Strengthening language & reading skills through sharing of big books
    • Modified Language Experience Approach - Learning through experiencing
    • Reflective Learning - Learning, unlearning and relearning of concepts and strategies using the EL journal
    • Self-regulated Learning - Reinforcing learning at own pace with e-assignments using Google Classroom as well as Student Learning Space (SLS)
    • Collaborative Learning - Working with others and seeking support beyond the classroom using the Google Classroom

学习辅助计划 Learning Support


    • 学习辅助课程
    • 阅读辅助课程
    • 校内阅读障碍辅助课程


Programmes for students who require more support in the English Language are available

P1 & P2
    • Learning Support Programme (LSP)
P3 & P4
    • Reading Remediation Programme (RRP)
    • School-based Dyslexia Remediation Programme (SDR)

*Please note that diagnostic tests will be conducted to assess if your child is suitable for the above programmes