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Nurturing Creators of Tomorrow

The programme is focused on growing the OMG (Outward, Maker and Growth) mind-set through an integrated curriculum, with CCE, ICT, Science and Mathematics as the main drivers. The signature programmes under this umbrella include Design Thinking through Project Work, Makerspace@NYPS, Lego League@NYPS, WEDO@NYPS, and Level-Structured Values in Action (VIA) programmes.

There are activities at each level that are aimed at progressively developing the OMG mind-set. In addition, Project Work provides students with the opportunity to synthesise knowledge and apply it critically as well as creatively to real-life situations. A modified Design Thinking model is used to help our students grow in these areas.

These processes enable students to ignite their curiosity, and acquire skills such as collaboration, communication and independent learning, which will in turn prepare them for lifelong learning and the challenges ahead.

Curiosity and knowledge application: Students learn to ask important questions at appropriate times and as they gather information, they are able to make informed decisions.

Collaboration: Students learn to work together and deal with conflicts.

Communication: Students learn to communicate effectively and present ideas clearly and coherently.

Independent Learning: Students learn to work independently, engaging in self-reflection and self-evaluation.

Post-Examination activities form the core of the Maker Programme. Other support activities, as part of the Maker Recess Programme, are also conducted such as Lego Wall and Maker Thursday.

A leadership development programme titled ‘Maker Leaders Programme’ grooms student leaders to conduct Maker activities for their peers. This programme is also supported by Parent-Volunteers who assist in the Maker Recess Programme.