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PE Department

Our Vision

We want to equip our pupils with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to pursue and enjoy a physically active and healthy lifestyle.

Our Mission

To enable our pupils to:
perform and enjoy a variety of physical activities with understanding
develop and maintain physical health and fitness through regular participation in physical activities
demonstrate positive self-esteem through body awareness and control
understand and apply thinking skills to Physical Education
demonstrate the Olympic value of Respect, Friendship & Excellence
acquire safe practices during physical activities

Our teachers

Primary 1

Mdm Caroline Tan

Mdm Sabrina Tan-Wang Lee Sin

Primary 2

Ms Lui Wan Fern

Ms Neo Yan Ping

Primary 3

Ms Claire Lee

Mr Eugene Ng Min Teck

Mr Joshua Yong Ee Wing

Primary 4

Mdm Tang Lee Ping

Mdm Stephanie Jessica Tabalujan

Primary 5

Mr Lim Chee Min

Ms Mae Yang Yumei

Mr Md Hussein

Primary 6

Mdm Steff Chan

Mr Chew Kia Sheng

Mr Jyoji Numayama


Our programs

Term 1

CCA Orientation (P4)

Swimsafer Programme(P2 opt-in)

Annual Sports Day (P4 – P6)

3D2N Cohort Camp (P5)

Intra-School Swimming Meet (P1-P6 opt-in)

Term 2

NAPFA (P4 & P6)

Term 3

NAPFA (P4 & P6)

Term 4

Mini Olympics (P1 – P3)

Olympic Carnival (P4 – P6)