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16th Intra-School Floral Art Competition Briefing 16th Intra-School Floral Art Competition Briefing
MAY Kaleidoscope Issue MAY Kaleidoscope Issue
NYPS Floral Harmony 2018 NYPS Floral Harmony 2018
In conjunction with Singapore Garden Festival, Nanyang Primary School is organizing our 16th Floral Harmony. For more info, click here!
Nanyang Primary's Orientation Day
The school has sent an email notification to parents. Parents are required to download and register on SNAC in order to receive important announcements. We look forward to seeing you and your child during Orientation Day!
NY100 Film NY100 Film
The anniversary film titled Once Upon a Generation, was produced by NSAA and jointly presented by the Nanyang Family of Schools The planning for the Nanyang 100th Anniversary celebration started in 2015. The Board of Directors, the Nanyang Schools Alumni Association (NSAA) and members of the three Nanyang schools worked closely with the common goal of making this special year a memorable one for all.
Nanyang 100 Drone Photo Shoot Nanyang 100 Drone Photo Shoot
Dear Parents, The school would like to thank you for your help and support in getting your children ready for the photo shoot today. We have managed to finish taking the picture within the ...
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Celebrate the 100 year anniversary for Nanyang primary school, Nanyang girls high school and Nanyang kindergarten!
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