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Hi Mr Eugene Ng,

Thank you Mr Ng for always having faith in me right from the start. I would not be where I am now if not for you. You motivated and pushed me and the team to the Nationals. Without you, I think we would not have won against Lian Hua. Thanks for being there during my tough times too. Happy Teachers' Day!

Chew Jun Yu Arron (2019 6D)


Hi Mrs Rachel Ang,

Class 6E would like to go back and to see you and 李老师!Words cannot express how much I miss you and 李老师 as you made the lessons fun and interesting. (Even when you scolded us!!🥺🥺) I miss our English lessons. Stay safe and healthy! We hope to return to Nanyang soon !!❤️

Jesslyn Tay Qian Xun (2019)


Hi Mr Liew Chai Long,

:D Thank you for being such a great teacher and tolerating our "nonsense". 🤩

Alicia Wong (2019 6B)

Hi Mrs Sharon Nathan, Mrs Chan-Mok Sze Hui, Mrs Catherine Low, Mdm Ho Siew Hoon, Mrs Cynthia Chan, Ms Carol Chee, Mrs Sherryl Toh, Ms Doreen Thiam,

I know I was far from being the perfect student, but thank you so much for teaching me. Thank you for your amazingly patience and support. I miss you all very much and I hope I can return to NYPS to visit you soon.:)

Trevetta Lai (2018 6N)

Hi 黄美莲老师, 练志勤老师, 徐海老师,


赖芝欣 (2018 6N)

Hi Mdm Kam Hui Bin, Ms Lee Hui Li, Mrs Nancy Lum, Ms Esther Lim,

教师节快乐! Thank you to all my teachers for patiently teaching me and making me who I am today - I will forever be grateful to you for your guidance. Happy Teacher's Day to some of the best teachers I know ❤️

Madison Yeo / 杨恺乐 (2018 6D)

Hi Mrs. Nancy Lum,

Dear Mrs. Lum, Happy Teacher’s Day. Wished I could visit you but I can’t. Have a great celebration.

Aegon Tan

Hi Mrs Rachel Tan, Mrs Nancy Lum,

Thank you for all the wonderful support you have given to us!

Ivan Tan Chee Wei (2016 6B)

Hi Mdm Kam Hui Bin, Ms Esther Lim,

I hope you all have been doing well and have been adapting to the COVID-19 situation well. Sadly, I might not be able to visit you this year so here's wishing you a Happy Teacher's Day in advance. :D I hope you can recall all the fun memories we made in 2017/18. Once again, Happy Teacher's Day!

Goh Jian Chen, Jaden (2018, 6D)

Hi Mr Vo,

Thanks for making Math so easy :)

Mah Ji Xuan (2017 6L)

Hi Madam Kam,

Thanks for being the best Form Teacher we could ever ask for! Haven’t seen you and the other teachers for quite some time. I hope everyone is doing well. 😊

Evan En Yew Lim (2018 6D)

Hi Mrs Lum,

Hope you are doing well. Sadly I can't visit you this month but I wish you good health and a good year ahead :)

Declann Chong Ming Feng (2018 and 6c)

Hi Mrs Ang,

Although we are not able to see each other this year, I hope that you are doing well. Happy Teacher's Day!

Ling Jun Quan (2018 6J/Harmony)

Hi 练志勤老师,


林俊全 (2018 6J/Harmony)

Hi 练志勤老师,

谢谢您用心培育我,提高我的华文水平。 祝您

陈凯恩 (2018 6J)

Hi 练志勤老师,


潘子能 (2018 6敬)

Hi Mrs Lum and Mrs Jennifer Tan,

Happy Teachers Day!!! I hope both of you are doing well and I really miss your great teaching as your lessons were always extremely fun!!!

Spencer Tan (2018 6C)

Hi Mrs Rebecca Goh,

I am Anastashia Chan from Primary 6D last year. I hope you have been doing well and staying safe and healthy. I hope that next year I would be able to meet you and personally wish you a Happy Teachers Day!!😊

Anastashia Chan (2019)

Hi Mdm Nian and Mrs Chan:

:)))) How are you doing? I hope you are happy and healthy :D HAPPY TEACHERS' DAY

吴欣敏 (2019 6C)

Hi Mrs Rachel Tan, Mdm Yasmeen,
Mdm Junie Lim, Ms Lee Wee Bee and Mrs Joanne Soo,

Dear Mrs Rachel Tan, thank you for being my Form Teacher and teaching me Math in P6. Our class was always very noisy. However, you would calm us down quickly. I appreciate your help a lot. Hope you have an enjoyable day! Dear Mdm Yasmeen, thank you for putting so much effort in teaching me and guiding me in P6.

Ang Yue Jun Luke 洪岳骏 (2019 6A)

Hi 林福来老师,

感谢你让我们对华文更感兴趣 教师节快乐!

卢哲彦 卢哲扬

Hi 罗老师,Ms. Chee, Mrs. Jaclyn Lim,

Happy teachers' Day! I really miss NYPS and you all. I got into my desired secondary school. Although I am not the best best student, you always accept and ecnourage me. I wish you a great Teachers' day!

Ashley Huang, 黄芊宇 (2019 6怀/I)

Hi 林老师 Lim Junie,

I just want to let you know I miss you very
much. Thank you for helping me with my problems when I needed a listening ear. I'm dedicating this message to you as a form of gratitude for all those times when you expressed concern for my studies and mental well-being. As always, 教师节快乐!

吴承颖 Collette Goh (2019 6A)

Hi Mdm Yasmeen,

It's nice to write to you again! I know we've kept in touch once through email but I want to write to every of my P6 teacher. During lessons you were always very nice and funny. Although my homework submission was not the most consistent, I hope you know I really enjoyed being in your class! P.S. Don't forget to show the new batch of students the photosynthesis song.

Collette Goh (2019 6A)