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Hi Mr Vo, Mrs Tay,

With the pandemic going on, we hope all is well with you. What a pity we can't visit you. Happy Teacher's Day!

Lim Yu Hao (2018 6L)


Hi Ms Esther Lim,

Happy Teacher's Day❤️ I really missed when you were my Math teacher. I honestly appreciate all the talks we had and the advice you gave me for secondary school. Sadly we can’t go back this year. I really miss you😭😭

Gan Ee Kay (2018 6B)


Hi 林爱群老师,

林老师!! 我是你2014年小二班的祎諆(2E) 。我想祝您教师节快乐!谢谢您让我爱上了华文, 我现在已经中二了,还是在高华班哦😁 不知道您是否还在南洋教书,但我很幸运遇到像您这样的老师❤️

颜祎諆 Gan Ee Kay (2018 6B)

Hello Mdm Toh Tan Peng,

It’s me Harshitha, I’m not sure you remember
me. But I want to thank you for teaching me mathematics and all the consultations I arranged in the morning. Whether in class or while having consultation, you never ever turned me down. Instead you explained the question until I got it. You helped me tremendously in learning Math. Thank you.

Harshitha Ramesh Babu (2019 6C)


hi 佘丽霞老师,

老师,记得当年1987年,您是我小一班1A的级任老师。我到现在手上还有您签名的成绩册呢!三十一年后,哪预料到您也会当我儿子-黄煜恒小二班的华文老师 😆 真是个美好的惊喜和巧合。我小时性格乖巧文静。我儿子的性格却和我相反😊 我想借这机会,感恩您给我们母子俩的教导。真心祝福您身体健康,事事顺心 😊 愿您度过一个快乐的教师节哦!

廖雪媚 (1992)

Hi Miss Esther Lim,

Hope you are not too stressed this year. Thank you for being such a great teacher and tolerating all the nonsense our class spams in the "Miss Lim Fanclub" Chat. I love that you are so chill and amazing! Happy Teacher's Day!!

Chua Jen Ee (2019 6J/Integrity)

Hi Mrs Nancy Lum, Mrs Rachel Tan
& Mrs Rachel Ang,

Dear teachers, Happy Teacher's Day!! Thank
you for inspiring me and all the other students to be the best versions of ourselves.

Glenn Ng (2016 6B)


Hi Mrs Yvonne Tu,

Hope you remember who I am. I am En Ru
from your P1 class in 2012. You were my Form teacher back then. I graduated in 2017. After leaving NYPS, I did not have the chance to say goodbye to you and to tell you how much I enjoyed the times in P1 and P2. I hope one day I will be able to meet you again.

En Ru Toh

Hi Mdm Yasmeen,

Happy Teachers Day! Hope you stay healthy and cheerful during this period! Thank you for teaching me when I was in P6. Hope you have a great holiday!

Parry Lam (2018 6E)

Hi Miss Calissa See,

Thank you for helping me with math back in primary school. I managed to improve and I'm taking Express Math now although I'm in N(A). I hope you're doing well.

Athena Chia Pei Shuan (2018 6B)

Hi Mr Vo & Mrs Chan,

Happy Teacher's Day!

Benedict (2019 6K)

Hi Mr Lim Chee Min, Lim Ke Xin 老师, Mrs Rachel Ang, 郑老师, Mdm Steff Chan &
Ms Esther Lim,

Thank you so much for teaching me in the past. All that you guys have taught me., I am still applying my knowledge in Secondary school. I would also like to wish you guys all the best. 😉 I really miss all of you guys and hope to see you soon.😔 Stay safe!

Koh How Wun (2018 6B)


Hi Ms Jessica Tan, Mdm Chan, Li Hwei Li Lao Shi, Lin Ke Xin Lao Shi, Ms Rachel Ang,
Ms Esther Lim and Mdm Yasmeen,

Sadly, we can’t come back to NYPS to see you all due to COVID-19. 6B still keeps in contact, till today the group chat is still active. Lin lao Shi, last year I could not see you and this year is the same. Academic wise I've done okay 3As, 1B, 1C, 1D :/ Anyway, I know you are all working very hard to help students. Thank you for keeping the school and students safe:) Jia you 💪

Ng Hong yi (2018 6B)

Hi Mdm Toh, Ms Esther Lim, Cai 老师,Ms Mok and my P6 CL Teacher,

Thank you for teaching me in primary school. I have grown to be a better person. I will not be what I am if not for all of you. :)

Rainier Tan (2019 6F)

Hi Mrs Joanne Soo,

It's Xi Hui:)) I'm studying in Chung Cheng High School Main now and secondary school is very different from primary school. I want to thank you for preparing me in P6 for secondary school. You've also helped me find my passion in Science. I want to wish you a Happy Teacher's Day and I hope you are doing well. Be happy always! ❤️

Foo Xi Hui (2019 6B)

Hi Mrs Maureen Woo,

It's Xi Hui! I really wanted to come back to visit but unfortunately I can't. Thank you so much for making P4 such a wonderful year! Till this day you're still one of the sweetest teachers I ever met. As I said last teacher's day, I'll never forget you and I haven't. I'm doing well in secondary school and I hope you're doing well too. Happy Teacher's Day!!! Have a good day!

Foo Xi Hui (2017 4B)


Hi 杨家仪老师,


Chew Jun Yu Arron (2019 6D)

Hello 李微玲老师,

Thank you for teaching me Chinese in P6. You have helped me go improve from a “fail” to an “A” in PSLE and my Chinese has improved much! 谢谢您教我中文, 并把华文课变成非常有趣的课程。 您帮我提高了我的华文能力:)!

Chew Wei Dong 周伟栋 (2018)

Hello Mdm Adlin Toh,

It's me Xi Hui:)) Unfortunately I can't come back to visit this year but I still want to take this opportunity to thank you. I had fun doing Math in your class and I still enjoy Math now. Thank you for teaching me well and to be careful in my work. I want to wish you a Happy Teacher's Day. Have a good time :))

Foo Xi Hui (2019 6B)

Hi 林晓雁老师,


傅熙惠 (2019 6B)


Hi Mrs Rebecca Goh,

Thank you Mrs Goh for believing in me and also thank you for being there for me when I needed you. Hope everything is well and thank you for being the teacher you are towards me.

Chew Jun Yu Arron (2019 6D)


Hi Mrs Rachel Tan,

Thank you Mrs Tan for always believing in me and the rest of the class even though we were very rowdy. Thanks for always believing in me, in my abilities and potential. Thank you Mrs Tan!

Chew Jun Yu Arron (2019 6D)

Hello Mrs Joanne Soo,

It's Xi Hui:)) I'm studying in Chung Cheng High School Main now and secondary school is very different from primary school. I'm so thankful for your help in preparing me in P6 for secondary school. Eventhough it's tough I'm still coping well thanks to your help in P6. I want to wish you a Happy Teacher's Day and I hope you are doing well and are always happy:))

Foo Xi Hui (2019 6B)


Hi Mrs Soo,

Just wanted to say thank you for teaching us 6D for science for 2 yrs straight. Thanks for always having faith in me for my science. Thanks for all the effort you have put into teaching me. Thank you so much.

Chew Jun Yu Arron (2019 6D)