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Hi Mr Vo,

Happy Teachers' Day! I didn't see you at all this year haha (cos’ we were dismissed late for CNY). How's your class this year? Hope you're doing ok.

Jasmine Chen (2018 6L)


Hi Mrs Choo Yi May,

HAPPY TEACHERS’ DAY!! I've miss you a lot since I graduated, and it’s a pity I can’t come back to visit you. I hope you’re doing well. Stay healthy and happy! Thank you for teaching me science, and being a lovely Form Teacher of 6M’19. Love you!! - Emma :)

Ho Rae Hsien Emma (2019 6M)

Hi Mdm Ho Siew Hoon,

HAPPY TEACHERS’ DAY!! I’m sad that I can’t physically thank you for everything you’ve done for me, but here’s a great "thank you" to you and your teachings! I remember the difficult times last year, and how you comforted me when I cried. I won’t forget that, and I hope you’ll have a lovely day today!! ❤️❤️❤️

Ho Rae Hsien Emma (2019 6M)


Hi Mr Lin Lixun,

HAPPY TEACHERS’ DAY!! I’m sorry I can’t return to Nanyang to pass you a bouquet of lilies, but I hope your days are still filled with sweet happiness. Stay healthy and exuberant as always!! -Love, Emma :)

Ho Rae Hsien Emma (2019 6M)

Hi Ms Low Sok Hwee,

Happy Teachers’ Day!! It’s been so long since we last met, but I haven’t forgotten phrasal verbs. I’ve discovered my love for writing after PSLE, and I’ve been enjoying Language Arts lessons greatly. You must have fanned that spark of passion in me after those three years :) Your scoldings are truly a sound for sore ears. Be happy always. Love you!

Ho Rae Hsien Emma (2019 6M)

Hi 罗美辉老师,

想念你!升上中學後,我一直都想回來南洋看一看,但因為疫情,就沒辦法探望您。我還和薈欣同班呢!南洋女中很像南洋小學,只缺了些欢快的顏色。我還是比較喜歡小學,因為课室比較大,人數少些。有時候駕車经過南洋小學時,會見到您和您的孩子,但沒來得及打招呼。我希望您教的班都會乖乖聽您的話(像6懷一樣), 以後成為優秀的人才!羅老師,我也希望你一切順利、身體健康!我會回來看您的!

何睿娴 (2020 6Care/M)

Hi Mdm Adelin Toh and
Ms Tan Li Wan,

It's Emma Khoo from 6H '19! I really miss
you... I wished I could go back this year...sadly I can't but just to let you know I'm doing ok in CHIJ SEC TP. Take care and stay safe!!

Emma Joan Khoo Khai Teng (2019 6H)

Hi Ms Amanda Mak,

Happy teacher's day, thank you for your help
and support you have given me in my P6 year. Keep safe and stay healthy! All the best!

Koh Zancong (2019 6G)

Hi 柯老师,


许赞璁 (2019 6G)

Hi 柯老师, Ms Mak,

Happy Teachers' Day! Thank you for guiding me through Primary 6 and helping me in my studies. Thank you for helping me to understand concepts that I didn't know at first. 教师节快乐!谢谢您们在我小六学年里的细心教导。谢谢您们对我的循循善诱,在我生活中起了很大的帮助。

Lo Yu Caine 劳宇涵 (2019 6G)

Hi Mdm Tay Yan Hoon,

How have you been Mdm Tay? Happy Teacher's Day! Thank you for the help and support you have given me in my P4 year! I wish you a safe year ahead! Best Wishes

Koh Zancong (2019 6G)

Hi Ms Lim Chun Ni,

How are you, Ms Lim? Happy Teacher’s Day! Thank you for your help and guidance when I was in P4. Wishing you a safe and eventful year ahead! Wishing you all the best!

Koh Zancong (2019 6G)

Hi Mdm Yasmeen,

Happy Teachers' Day! Thank you for teaching me the skills and knowledge that helped me to get to where I am today in ACS (I). I want to print out a 3D lightsaber but due to Covid-19., I'm not able to give it to you. Once again thank you!

Heah Jae Ren (2019 6A)

Hi Mr Liew,

Happy Teachers' Day, Mr Liew!

Mischa (2018 5B)

Hi Mr Liu Zhao,

老师好 Happy Teachers' Day!

黄瑞敏 Eliza Ng (2020)

Hi Mdm Chua,

Happy Teachers' Day, Mdm Chua :)

Eliza Ng Swee Min (2020)

Hi Mdm Tay Mei Yan,

Happy Teachers' Day!

Eliza Ng Swee Min (2020)

Hi Ms Christine Tui,

Hello, Ms Tui! Im now in Xinmin Secondary School. I used to be your student in P3A. I hope you will be safe and happy! HAPPY TEACHERS' DAY!

黄瑞敏 Eliza Ng (2020)

Hi 林可欣老师,


郑晓萱 (2016 6H)

Hi Miss Ho Choy Fong,

Thanks for being THE BEST MATH TEACHER I’ve ever had. Thanks for helping me when I needed help! You made me love Math :-) HAPPY TEACHERS' DAY Miss Ho and I'll see you next year! (PS You're teaching Coen Goh- he’s my cousin haha.)

Chloe Hwee (2017 6C)

Hi Mdm Adeline Toh,

I couldn't visit last year due to my 'O' levels and this year because of Covid-19. We hope all with be well soon and we can meet again in the near future! Happy Teachers' Day!! Thanks for remembering me :)

Archimedes Chia (2012 6E)

Hi Mdm Brenda Kok, 费老师,

Hello teachers! It’s been 3 years since i’ve graduated and I really miss Nyps :( I wish I could go back this year. Nyps will always be my home. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me :) 亲爱的老师们,虽然已经毕业了三年,但是南小永远是我心中的家。真可惜今年回不去拜访您们,非常想念您与母校!感谢您给予我的无私奉献!

kalina, 立婷 (2017)

Hi Mdm Yasmeen, Miss Lee Wee Bee, Mrs Rachel Tan, 林老师,

Thank you for teaching 6A so well last year. We all miss you and wish we could go back. Thank you for all your hardwork and sacrifices! ❤️

Lim Ci Rui (2019 6A)

Hi Mr. Vo Van Hung, Mrs Euodia Tay, Mdm Tan Ley Hoon,

Dear teachers, thank you for guiding and teaching us! : )

Fong Jun Er (2018 6L/Integrity)