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Hi 郑老师,


邓昊琛 Triston Tang (2019 6H)

Hi Ms Christine Tui,

Happy Teacher's Day Ms Tui :) I still remember a few years ago when you performed a Justin Bieber song on stage. You are an amazing Science teacher; you taught me in P3 and you are currently teaching my sister in P1. The quote that you gave us, “There are always two sides to the story” has helped me a lot when I am “fixing” my problems :)

Kaylene Quek Zhi Tong (2019 6D)

Hi Ms Tan Li Wan,

Dear Ms Tan, thank you for your effort in teaching our class. I hope that you are doing well! Happy Teacher’s D

Triston Tang (2019 6H)

Hi Mdm Adeline Toh,

Dear Mdm Toh, thank you for your hard work and patience when teaching us. Thanks for being a caring teacher! Hope you have a great teacher’s day!

Triston Tang (2019 6H)

Hi Mrs Soo and 杨老师,

Thank you for nurturing me into a better individual. I am proud to be one of your graduated students; You have taught me to always give my best and never give up. I really wish I could go back to NYPS this year. 非常感激您的耐心教导,非常珍惜您对我的循循善诱。真可惜今年不能回返母校探望您,祝您教师节快乐!

Kaylene Quek Zhi Tong 郭芷彤 (2019 6D)

Hi Ms Low, Mrs Toh and Mr Lin,

Hi teachers, thank you so much for teaching and nurturing me. Even though I can't meet you, I still hope you have an awesome Teachers' Day!

Lucas Boh Don Shih (2019 6M)

Hi Mrs Lily Lee,

You have been such a patient teacher; many years ago, and now still. I’m honoured to be your student many years ago and now, your colleague. You never fail to spark joy when you greet your colleagues. You make your students feel special and you make me feel special when you greet me "Good Morning Hwai Bing!". Thank you for being an exemplary teacher; one who is genuine, gentle and humble.

Mdm Lau Hwai Bing (Many years ago, 6B)

Hi Mdm Toh,

Hope you are doing well. I really miss being in your class and NYPS! Hope to return next year to see you!

Nicole Puah (2019 6H)

Hi Mdm Adelin Toh and Ms Tan Li Wan,

Dear Mdm Toh and Ms Tan, thank you for your teaching during my final year at NYPS. (2019) Without your help and support, I would never have been able to do so well for PSLE. Stay safe and Happy Teachers' Day!

Joshua Tan 陈志恒 (2019 6H)

Hi Mrs Catherine Low,

Hello Mrs Low! Thanks so much for all the grammar you taught me back in P6! I'm relying on it now for my French lessons :)

Tan Pei Feng (2020 6L)

Hi Mrs Alison Loo,

Happy Teachers' Day, Mrs Loo. I miss the many moments in primary school, especially in primary 6. I hope you are all doing well during this covid-19 period.

Yap Chian Joo (2018 6A)

Hi Mrs Rachel Ang,

Thank you for helping me with my English. I
know you tried and encouraged me to study hard but l didn’t listen. I really thank you for the jokes you made, making the lessons interesting and helping us along the way. I hope you are doing well and teaching a better class then 6E :) Thank you so so much.

Isabel Chin Yuen kay (2019 6E)

Hi Mr Vo Van Hung,

Hi! It's a pity that we can't come back to NYPS
on the first Teacher's Day since we left Nanyang. However this virtual one is better than none. Stay safe! P.s. Here's a nice video for you all at https://youtu.be/ub82Xb1C8os

Chan Shun Hang Isaac (2019 6K)

Hi 柯老师,Ms Mak and Mrs Lee,

Thank you for teaching me in 2019. Thank you for your patience in 2019! I really appreciate it! Stay safe during this Covid-19 period. Have a great Teachers' Day!

Resha Tan 陈芸茜 (2019 6G)

Hi Mr Vo,

I hope to be as descriptive as you when it comes to food. May the ducks be with you. Forever 16. Happy Teachers’ Day!

Gabriel Wei Zirui (2019 6K)

Hi Mrs Yvonne Tu and Mrs Alison Loo,

Happy Teachers' Day! Mrs Tu, thank you for being my Form-Teacher in 2012, making my P1/P2 days in NYPS memorable and meaningful. Mrs Loo, you taught me Science in P3/P4 in 2014/2015 and made the Science lessons so interesting and easy. Appreciate all your guidance and patience showered upon us. Take care and stay safe!

Marcus Low (2017 6F)

Hi Mdm Yasmeen, Mdm Kam and
Mdm Hoe,

HaPpY tEaChErs' DaY! Thank you for all your effort and time in teaching our class! Sadly I can’t come back to visit but I will definitely come back next year if possible! I really miss you and Nanyang. I am doing well in my secondary school thanks to your teaching. I will never forget all my memories made in Nanyang with you and the class. Most importantly, stay safe!

Eng Yi Xuan Jazelle (2018 6E)

Hi 李老师,


胡星铨 (2019 6E)


To all the Principals & Teachers of NYPS,

It's been 30 Years since I graduated from NYPS. My heartfelt gratitude to all the teachers who played a part in my foundation years. And Thank you for teaching my girls too! Happy Teachers' Day!

Ee Lin (1990)

Hi Mdm Brenda Kok,

I miss you and your fun lessons :) I hope you remember me. I am doing good in my secondary school. I really want to go back to NYPS to see you and the other teachers once Covid-19 is over.

Vera Sim :) (2019 6E)

Hi Mdm Jung,

Thank you for being patient with me when I was misbehaving and not giving up on me even though my results were often disappointing. Happy Teachers' Day!

Ryan Fok (2017 6I)

Hi Mdm Toh,

I hope you're doing well . How's your class? How are you adapting to the Covid-19 measures? I hope you're doing well! I really miss you and was devastated when I realised I wasn't able to come visit :( i really hope you haven't forgotten me because I'll always remember you! I truly wish to see you soon! Stay safe and healthy!

Samantha Jaclyn Widjaja (2018 6F)

Hi Ms Low, Mr Vo, Mdm Guo, Mr Lin,
陈老师 and all the teachers for 6L,

Thank you for all you have done for us in 6L. It’s been a really enlightening journey that you have brought us through. I'm really thankful for all the great times we had together. It’s been a tough year for everyone and even though I can’t physically meet you to express my gratitude, just know that you will always be in my heart! All the best.

Zeaus Koh (2020 6L)

Hi Mdm Lim Ai Khoon, Mrs Leo and Mrs Kwek,

Hi teachers! Thank you for teaching me and I hope you are feeling well and healthy! Happy Teachers' Day!

Fong Hui Shan (2018 6G)