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Hi Mrs Pwee,

Cub Scouts was a wonderful experience and I treasure all the beautiful and not-so-beautiful memories. Thank you for your support, and for always being there for us. Happy Teacher's Day!

Ethan Lee (2018 6J)

Hi 陈老师,


李恩杰 (2018 6J)

Hi 杨老师,


卢永昱 (2014)

Hi 练老师,


李恩杰 (2018 6J)


Hi Ms Low Sok Hwee, Ms Chong Shing Yee, Mdm Ho Siew Hoon, Mrs Sheryl Toh, Mr Lin Lixun, Ms Carel Chee and Mdm Cindy Guo,

Thank you for teaching me. Although I can't visit NYPS this year due to the safety measures, I will surely visit you next year if I can. Thank you for your guidance, stay safe <3. Happy Teachers' Day! 感谢您在我在NYPS期间的教育。 虽然我今年不能回NYPS,但我明年一定会! 感谢您过去的指导,请注意安全 <3

Sydney Siow 萧静萱 (6M/Resilience)>

Hi Mrs Loo, Mdm Toh and Ms Sie,

Thank you for teaching me in NYPS. I had a lot of fun in your classes. I hope next year we can see one another. Have a Happy Teachers' Day!!🤗😁

Caitlin Chew (2018 6A)


Hi Mrs Rachel Tan,

Thank you for your effort, support and encouragement. I appreciate you. Happy Teacher's Day and all the best!

Ethan Lee

Hi Mrs Pwee!

Happy Teachers’ Day! I'm so sad I cannot visit you :( but i hope you are doing well. Thank you for being such an amazing teacher. I really hope to come back to help out for camps or meetings soon. Hehe :)

Guan Shi (2014 6A)

Hi Mrs Nancy Lum,

I'm so lucky I managed to find you last year during Teachers’ Day. Sadly this year, I wouldn’t be able to see you in person. I am grateful for having such an amazing Form Teacher like you - caring and kind! I hope you are doing well and hope to see you soon :)

Guan Shi (2014 6A)

Hi Mr Vo Van Hung, Ms Low Sok Here, Mr Lin Lixun and Mdm Guo,

It is unfortunate that I cannot meet all of you in person due to Covid-19. However, I would like to thank all of you for your guidance, care and passion in teaching us. Without your teaching, I probably would not have survived Sec 1 😅. Wishing you a Happy Teachers' Day! Hope to see you next year! Miss you all!

Any Yi Zhe (2019 6L)

Hi Mr Vo Van Hung, Mrs Chan-Mok Sze Hui, Mr Lin Lixun, 钟老师 and Mdm Cindy Guo,

Dear teachers, thank you for making my primary school journey so enjoyable and helping me to mature to be the person that I am today. Thank you for guiding me when I had doubts and staying back during recess to go through different topics. I miss you dearly. Happy Teachers' Day!!

Emily Isabelle Tan (2019 6K/Resilience)

Hi Mr Vo, Mrs Chan and Mr Lin,

Thank you all for all your wonderful teaching
that I will never forget. You are really the best! Happy Teachers' Day!

Tan Pei You (2019 6K)

Hi Ms Calissa Sie,

Hello Ms Sie, Happy Teachers' Day!

ng zi ching julia (2018 6I)

Hi Mdm Ho,

Hope that you all will have a great day today. Happy Teachers' Day!

Sun Mo Han (2018 6E)

Hi Mrs Yvonne Tu and Ms Jaime Lee,

Dear Mrs Tu and Ms Jaime, Happy Teacher's Day! Thanks for being such fun and loving teachers. It has made my days in NYPS enjoyable:) I’m really sad that I can’t visit both of you this year but I hope that we can meet soon!! Once again Happy Teacher's Day and I hope that you have a great day ahead:)

Janice Choy (2018)

Hi Mr Vo, Mrs Nathan, Mrs Ng and 黄老师,

Thank you for teaching me and making the lessons fun!

Jacquelyn Fu


Hi Alicia Toh,

Happy Teacher's Day Mdm Toh. Stay Safe😎😎😎😎😎

Amelia Chew (2000)

Hi Mdm Tay Mei Yan,

Thank you for being my Math teacher for 2 years. Your lessons are enjoyable and I miss being taught by you. Hope you are well! Happy Teacher’s Day!

Arielle Tan (6F)

Hi Mrs Catherine Low,

Hello Mrs Low! Thanks so much for all the grammar you taught me back in P6! I'm relying on it now for my French lessons :)

Tan Pei Feng (2017 6L)

Hi Mrs Tam Wong Ting Ting,

Thank you for being my English teacher in Primary 4 and helping me to get my foundation in English right!! Happy Teacher’s Day!

Alyssa Wang (2018 6A)

Hi Ms Esther Lim, Mrs Tam-Wong
Ting Ting, Mrs Joanne Soo, 彭老师,

Happy Teachers' Day! Though I would rather say this to you in person, the measures taken to control the spread of the pandemic prevents that. Thank you for being my teachers during my last year at NYPS. Although we were quite rowdy, you were always patient with us. Your guidance made school very enjoyable and I would look forward to school everyday. Thank you for teaching us! 老师们,您辛苦了!

Wee Xin Hui, Vera 黄馨慧 (2019)

Hi 2018 6K teachers,

Happy Teachers' Day!

kelden poh jen kai (2018 6K)

Hi Ms Anne Kor,

I hope you still remember me and have the note
I wrote you years back!! ☺️ It’s been about 8 years since you taught me in 4G 2012 (I think!). I still remember your smile and your reassuring voice that kept me going and doing my best for Math! Hope you are doing well. Here's wishing you all the best !! Happy Teachers’ Day Mrs Kor! ❤️

Ethel Heng

Hi 刘欣老师,


时伟伦 (2010 6A)