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Hi Mrs Pwee,

Thank you for playing such a huge role in leaving a positive impact in my life back in NYPS and even now. It hasn’t been very smooth sailing since leaving NYPS but I know that I will always have a safety net back in NYPS; a place I call home cos’ it makes me feel secure. Grateful for the times we spent together and I look forward to seeing you soon!! ❤️

Tertius Tay Kee Guan (2014 6J)

Hi Ms Ho Choy Fong,

I really miss the P6 days when we were all celebrating post-PSLE. Thank you for being the chillest FT ever and for going through all of the experiences alongside us, be it mugging for PSLE or just having fun together after it was over. It greatly impacted us, and we'll always be grateful for all that you have done for 6D'16. Happy Teacher's Day!

Gaw Ban Seng (2016 6D)

Hi Ms Thiam,

I enjoyed your Social Studies lessons in 2015 and 2017, in Primary 4 and 6 respectively. Studying such a subject was extremely informative and helped me to understand my History classes in secondary school from a different point of view. I am very happy to have been your student. Thank you.

Sing Yu Xuan (2017 6N)

Hi Ms Yeong,

I was in your P4 Science class in 2015. Your Science lessons are highly interesting and I enjoyed it. Oh, and that reminds me--our class never got to hear the story of your hamster.

Sing Yu Xuan (2017 6N)

Hi Mdm Denise Jung,

It is sad that we are unable to meet you in person despite it being your last year in NYPS. Your guidance and care is something that I am truly thankful for. I hope you're doing well and good luck in your future endeavors.

Lee Yi Kai (2017 6I)

Hi 苏芳仪老师, Mdm Serene Leong and 杨老师

Thank you for all your guidance & care! I hope you and your family are doing well during this difficult time! Take care. Happy Teachers’ Day!

Yu Bin (宇斌) (2010 6I)

Hi Miss Zhou,

Thank you for the values you taught me. I will continue to learn and seek improvement. Happy Teacher’s Day to you and I hope you like the present that I chose for you.

Angus Lim Hong Jun (2I)

Hi Mrs Ang,

Many thanks for the kind guidance and interesting lessons. I am thankful for the good values that you had taught me. Happy Teacher’s Day!

Angus Lim Hong Jun (2I)

Hi Ms Catherine Low,

You were one of the first English teachers I met that truly loved English. This was apparent and rubbed off onto much of the class. Thank you for igniting my interest in the language. I am inspired. Happy Teachers’ Day!

Sing Yu Xuan (2017 6N)

Hi Mr Numa,

Thank for taking the time during recess to teach me to solve Math problems. I remember I had a lot of fun during your PE and Math lessons. Thank you for being a great teacher! :)

Emmanuel Chan (2018 6E)

Hi Mdm Kam,

Thank for guiding me during my P6 year and taking the time beyond lessons to help me to understand concepts that I didn't understand. Happy Teachers’ Day!

Emmanuel Chan (2018 6E)

Hi Guo Lao Shi,

Thank you for taking us to U.S.S. and making classes more fun. Happy Teachers’ Day!

Aidan Lee (6B)

Hi Mrs Joanne Soo,

Happy Teacher's Day! You taught me Science during Primary 5 and I learnt many science answering techniques from you. Your lessons are very interesting and I really enjoy attending them. When I have queries, you would answer them too. Thank you for guiding me in Science. Have a great Teacher's Day!!!

Ang Yue Jun Luke (2019 1A)

Hi Ms Mak,

Happy Teacher's Day!

Kom Zhi Xin (2019 6G)

Hi Mdm Patel Urvi Madhusudan,

Happy Teacher’s Day, Mdm Urvi! Wow 3 years has flown by so fast and that means 3 years since I last saw you. I have not forgotten my English and Form teacher J I had been planning to go back this year. Unfortunately this whole covid thing got in the way. So, through this online platform, I would like to thank you for having guided me through my last year in primary school!

Yong Pei Lin (2017 6C)

Hi Mdm Lim Ke Xin and 林老师,


张学宁 (2018 6G)

Hi Mr Jonathan Lim, Mdm Lim Pek Hoon & Mdm Eliane Teo,

Thank you for your patient guidance and unwavering belief in our class. Mdm Teo, thank you for inspiring me to put in hard work for every vocab exercise. Mdm Lim, I still remember you sharing stories with the class that taught us what it means to live out our school values. Mr Lim, thank you for making Math and Science easy for me to understand. Wishing all of you a wonderful Teacher's Day!

Loo Kit Yan, Charis (2015 6D)

Hi 李老师 和 李老师,


李展锋 (2018 6B)

Hi Mdm Serene Leong,

10+ years later and you're still the best Math teacher I've ever had! See you soon for coffee please. I miss our talks.

Adelyn (2010 6I)

Hi Ms Amanda Mak, Mrs Rachel Ang, Mrs Loo and 林可欣老师,

Happy Teacher's Day! Hope you're coping well during this period. Although we are not able to meet in school, I would still like to thank you for all that you have done for 6G' 2018. I am thinking of you this teachers’ day. Have a great day.

Yong Mei Ting, Sarah(杨媄婷)(2018 6G)

Hi Ms Esther Lim,

Thanks for helping me improve my math and I will never forget it! It will always stay with me and I wish you a Happy Teacher's Day!

Tom Lee Tian Hong (2018 6B)

Hi Mdm Neo Sien Bie,

梁老师,谢谢您一直在我学习武术的日子里支持我、鼓励我。 辛苦您了。我非常感恩。 祝您教师节快乐!


Hi Ms Esther Lim, Lim Ke Xin and Mrs Rachel Ang,

Happy Teachers Day! Thank you for teaching me when I was in Primary 6. I can't believe it has been 2 years since I graduated. Please stay safe during this pandemic! I wish you all a fruitful year ahead! I hope I can come back to visit next year!

Phoebe Faith Chan (2018 6B)

Hi All the teachers,

Happy Teacher's Day! Thanks for educating and guiding me to be a better person.

kar yen (2017 6F)