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Hi Mrs Rachel Tan,

Remember me? I know I was not the best at Math, or the most well-behaved student, but I surprisingly didn't forget some important Math concepts you've taught me. (Circumference, area of a circle etc.) Although it may not seem like it, I actually liked being in your class and it's amazing that I get an opportunity to write this message to you. Happy teacher's day!

Collette Goh (2019 6A)

Hi Mr Chew,

I hope you remember me! PE was the best lesson! It's the one subject that I always look forward to. I know at times I can be mischievous. Thanks for making PE challenging and fun. Happy Teachers' day!

Collette Goh (2019 6A)


Hi Ms Lee Wee Bee,

How are you? I'm so grateful we can still keep in contact, especially since you're in the 6A chatgroup. You were very supportive towards all the students, always giving us inspirational quotes. It was always a joy to be in your class, and I want you to know that I'm grateful for all the help and support you gave us.

Collette Goh (2019 6A)


Hi Mdm Yasmeen, Ms Lee Wee Bee, Mrs Rachel Tan, Lin lao shi,

Do you miss 6A? We miss our teachers.

Rachel Chan (2019 6A)

Hi Ms Chee, Mrs Lim, Mdm Chua, Mdm Steff Chan, Luo lao shi,

Thank you all for guiding me through my P6 year and nurturing me to what I have become today. Thank you for always being there for me and cheering the class up during stressful times. I can't emphasise how much you meant to me. I have enjoyed my time spent in NYPS. HAPPY TEACHERS DAY!

Ethan Lee Eu Shien (2019 6I)

Hi Ms Jaclyn Lim, Ms Carol Chee,

I just want to say thank you for making my last year in NYPS the best year I could possibly have and that you are the best teachers. I have really enjoyed learning in 2019, thanks to you.

Lee Kai Xin (2019 6I)

Hi Mrs Jaclyn Lim,

Happy Teachers' Day! You are an amazing teacher, and I am thankful that I had the opportunity to be taught by you. I miss primary school very much, and I hope hope everything is well with you. I miss you! ❤️

Paige Gan Zi Ning (2019 6I)

Hi Ms Carel Chee,

Happy Teachers' Day! I hope you still remember me, I miss you. You are such an amazing, unique, interesting teacher and I am thankful for the time that you have spent teaching me. I hope to see you soon, I miss you!❤️

Paige Gan Zi Ning (2019 6I)

Hi Mdm Tay Mei Yuan,

Thank you for your help in Math last year! You are really nice and kind to all of us, and sometimes I can understand Math concepts better because of you. You are my favourite teacher and you will always be! Thank you for everything! :D

Chow Shan Ya Amelia (2019 6F)

Dear Mr Vo, Mrs Chan-Mok Sze Hui,
Mr Lin Lixun, Ms Low Sok Hwee,
Ms Carel Chee, 钟心宇老师,练老师,

Dear teachers, Roses are red, Violets are blue, PSLE was hard, Thanks for carrying me through! Happy Teachers' Day!

Elgin Low (2019 6K)



卢哲彦 (2019 6K)

Dear Mrs Ang Lee Peng (Track & Field teacher),

Thank you for your guidance and care when I was in Track & Field. And...I am still running!

Elgin Low (2019 6K)

Hi Mdm Tay Mei Yan,

It has been a long time since we met. Do you miss 2019 6F? I would like to say that you are one of the nicest teacher that I have ever met! I really missed the time when you correct our hehaviour in the nicest way . I really hope that one day we can go back and meet you and the other teachers. Happy Teachers' Day!

Shirlene Ng (2019 6F)I

Dear 杨老师 and Miss Lim,

杨老师,谢谢您教我华文。我现在要口试了,我用了您给的资料来复习。Dear Miss Lim, you were never my teacher, but thank you for still being so nice to the lot of us from 6D. You’d always high-five us. Thank you for being there for me when I was crying about my results. I’m doing good now in my secondary school. But definitely, I miss Nanyang :)

Wee Zheng Agathe/ 黄峥 (2019 6D)

Hi Mdm Yasmeen, Ms Lee Wee Bee, lin lao shi, Mrs Rachel Tan,

Hello :) I miss the times when you were teaching me :') Stay safe during COVID-19 season. ❤️

Olivia Ng (2019 6A)

Mrs Jaclyn Lim and Ms Carol Chee,

Dear Teachers, wishing you a Happy Teachers' Day! Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, we will not be able to see you face to face this year :( We miss you dearly and hope to see you all next year!

Marcus Tan Jia Wei (2019 6I and 6 Harmony)

Dear Mr Vo, Mrs Chan-Mok Sze Hui,钟心宇老师,练老师, Ms Doreen Thiam, Mr Raymond Weng, Mrs Sharon Nathan,

Thank you for taking care of me and my brothers. Happy Teachers' Day!

Ernest Low (2016 6K)

Hi Mdm Brenda Kok,郑老师,

Happy Teachers’ Day Mdm Kok! Hope you are doing fine during this period and please stay safe! Thank you for your kind guidance during my P5 and P6 years. Besides Math and Science, you have inculcated many values in me and I’m really grateful for your dedication and the joy you bring to our class all the time even though we might not be very well behaved. Hope to see you soon!

Ang Jia Lin Jolyn, 洪嘉璘 (2016 6E)

Hi Mdm Denise Jung,

Thank you for being a really firm, yet sweet
Math teacher! Math was really enjoyable under you and our class really enjoyed your lessons! Truly a joy to have had the opportunity to meet you even after we graduated (: Thank you for the many fond memories although we were all studying for PSLE (:

Joy Pwee (2011 6D)

Dear All NYPS School Leaders
and teachers,

Thank you so much for your dedication and commitment to educating the children, adapting and adjusting to new approaches this year. Thank you for all the hard work in keeping the children and every one safe at school. 辛苦了! Take care and press on! 加油哦!

Mrs Sabrina Tan