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Hi Mdm Serene Leong and 苏老师,

It's been awhile since I graduated but I just wanted to thank you for being such wonderful and fun teachers! Hope you're all doing well and take care!

Sarah Veronica Ang (2010 6I)

Hi Mr Jonathan Lim,

I'm not sure why most of the supplementary lessons right after lunch would be science. Thank you for being ever so patient with us even though we were really rowdy, You even played along with our jokes at times! You have inspired many of us, and your lessons have sparked our interest in the subject because of how enjoyable it was. Thank you for everything. Happy Teachers' Day!

Gaw Ban Seng (2016 6D)


Hi 杨家仪老师,


Florence (伟豪妈妈)


Hi Mrs Diana Wang,

I never had a chance to thank you personally, Mrs Wang. You may not recall but I never forgot what you wrote in Jarrett's Apple Card. You wrote that Jarrett is a small boy with a big heart. I was thankful for your guidance after seeing his strength in just a few months of teaching. Jarrett is still the same cheerful boy who is always ready to help.

Florence (Jarrett Lee's Mommy)

Hi 陈丽芬老师,

陈老师好,好久不见!虽然今年我们回不了南小,但还是希望您过得很好,希望您度过了一个充满快乐及希望的教师节 :) 感谢您一直以来给予我的支持和教导,也谢谢您对我的信心与无微不至的照顾。我一定会再接再厉的,明年见!

陈慧嫙 (2017 6L)

Dear Mdm Jung, Mr Numa, Mrs Jennifer Tan, Mdm Urvi, Mrs Alison Loo, 练老师 and Mrs Sherryl Toh,

Happy Teachers' Day! Please stay safe. For the teachers who have left, I hope you will get a chance to see this message. Thank you for your guidance and teaching.

Phoebe Ang (2017 6J)

Hi Miss Lee Wee Bee, Mdm Yasmeen, 林老师 and Mrs Rachel Tan,

You are amazing teachers! Thank you for making a difference in my life. Happy Teachers' Day!

Sofea Ellysha (2019 6A)


Hi Mdm Denise Jung,

Happy Teachers' Day. It has been a huge blessing to have you journey with us all these years! Through all my ups and downs, you have seen me grow and mature. I am forever thankful.

Samuel Lee

Hi Mrs Toh,

Thank you for teaching me Science. I have really benefitted from your lessons. Thank you for all that you have done for me as my Science teacher and I would like to wish you a blessed Teachers' Day.

Nathan Chen Kai En (2018 6J)

Hi Mrs Ang,

Thank you for teaching me English and for being such a great teacher! Have a blessed Teachers' Day.

Nathan Chen Kai En (2018 6J)

Hi 陈老师,


陈凯恩 (2018 6J)

Hi Mrs Tan,

Thank you for being my form teacher and for nurturing me in my studies. I am grateful to have you as my teacher. Have a blessed Teachers' Day!

Nathan Chen Kai En (2018 6J)

Hi 练老师,



Hi 练老师, 徐老师, 张老师,

老师们:教师节快乐!谢谢你们的教诲,让我难以忘怀。好像没上你们的华文课,让我的华文成绩退步了:,( HAHA 总而言之,希望你们没有忘记我,也祝你们健康、幸福!

殷嘉 (2018 6 Harmony)

Hi Mrs Rachel Ang, Mrs Sherryl Toh and Mrs Rachel Tan,

Happy Teachers' Day! I hope you haven’t forgotten me! I just wanted to thank you all for being so caring and thoughtful. I would like to wish you all the best for the years ahead. I miss all of you and I hope we can see each other soon!

Yin Jia (2018 6J)

Hi Ms Esther Lim,

Happy Teachers' Day. Stay safe!

victoria chan

Hi 郭老师,


张凯扬 (2017 6F)

Hi 黄老师、叶老师、徐老师,

谢谢老师们的关照与鼓励,让我对华文更有信心,更有兴趣。教师节快乐!希望疫情期间 老师们都身体安康 💕

陈诗瑞 (2013 6M)

Hi Mdm Adelin Toh,

Happy Teachers' Day! Thank you for teaching me in my graduating year, encouraging me to work harder to improve. Thank you for believing in 6H, helping us to grow into better people that can contribute to society in the future. Hope that you'll have an enjoyable Teacher's Day. I also hope to see you soon!

Joshua Foo (2019 6H)

Hi 柯老师,

教师节快乐!谢谢您去年教我华文!您不看重分数,而是看重我们学习的过程,看我们到底有没有进步,到底有没有对的答题思路(不像很多人的老妈,也不像很多别的老师)。您也非常有耐心地告诉我们考试时该注意什么。感谢您那么细心地教我们华文,让我们不断地进步! 我或许还没告诉您,我今年在南洋女中读书。经过面试,我还成为了南洋女中的一位司仪!谢谢您帮我打好稳固的基础!

Chia Mei Han 谢美涵 (2019 6G)


Hi Mrs Jennifer Tan, Mr Lee Yew Cheong, Mr Vo, Mr Jonathan Lim, Mr Lim Kuan Chin, Mrs Shaw Waner, Ms Mak, Mdm Yap Kwee San, Mdm Adeline Toh, Mrs Rachel Tan, Ms Yang and Lin Laoshi,

Blessed Teachers' Day! I'm in ACSI doing IB. There are quite a number of ex-NYPS students in ACSI. I miss all of you and hope to see you soon!

Matthew Yong 杨巽伟 (2015 6J)

Hi Mr Low Kuan Chin, Ms Low, Mr Vo and Mr Lin,

Happy Teachers' Day.

spencer (2019 6L)

Hi Mr Vo Van Hung,

Happy Teachers' Day.

Zou Qixuan (2018 6K)

Hi Mrs Euodia Tay,

Happy Teachers' Day, Mrs Tay! Thank you for making lessons fun, and also putting up with me.

Zou Qixuan (2018 6K)