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Project Updates - April 2013

1. The school building project has commenced and we would like to update you of the construction works. The tender has been awarded to Guan Ho Construction Company. Please be assured that the school will work together with the consultants and contractor and take the necessary measures to ensure the safety, security and smooth operations during the construction period. The indicative construction work and timeline for year 2013 are appended below

S/NoActivityDate Remarks
1Demolition & Piling at Coronation RoadApril 2013 - Sept 2013Coronation Road campus will be out of bounds and construction vehicles will be accessing the site via the existing gates along Coronation Road 
- Addition and Alteration (A&A) works to existing school field and courts 
- Addition of Outdoor Experiential Learning Centre 
- Refitting of cabinets and shelves at existing classrooms, King's Road Campus
May 2013 - Aug 2013The school field and courts will be out of bounds from May 2013. Most works at the existing classrooms will be done during the school holidays 

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