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特别辅助计划 Special Assistance Plan (SAP)


    1. 文化熏陶:书法、水墨画、武术、象棋、中医药、茶艺、太极拳等
    2. 传道授业:弟子规课、校史、历代帝皇故事、三国人物性格
    3. 身体力行:弟子规营、小记者、书声处处


Special Assistance Plan (SAP) schools were established to preserve and promote the learning of Chinese culture. Through our programmes, we aim to impart Chinese cultural traditions and values.

Programmes and activities include:
    1. Appreciation of Arts and Culture: Chinese Calligraphy, Ink Painting, Chinese Martial Arts, Chinese Chess, Chinese Traditional Medicine, Tea Appreciation, Tai Chi, etc.
    2. Appreciation of History and Literature: Dizigui, School History, Biographies of Chinese Emperors and Chinese Classics
    3. Authentic Learning Experiences: Dizigui Camp, Little Reporter, Storytelling, etc.

Through the celebration of Chinese festivals, such as Chinese New Year and Mid-Autumn Festivals, students get to better appreciate Chinese customs and traditions. In addition, local and overseas immersion programmes to China are organised to provide authentic learning experiences and inculcate a love for Chinese language and culture.