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高才部 Gifted Education Programme

    • 培养学生高层次思维
    • 培养学生的创造力
    • 培养学生终身学习、自主学习的能力与态度
    • 培养学生追求卓越、积极进取的态度
    • 培养学生的社会意识与献身精神,以服务国家与社会
    • 培养学生成为价值观正确、品格高尚、有责任感的领袖人才


Goals of The GEP
    • Develop intellectual depth and higher level thinking
    • Nurture productive creativity
    • Develop attitudes for self-directed lifelong learning
    • Enhance aspirations for individual excellence and fulfillment
    • Develop a strong social conscience and commitment to serve society and the nation
    • Develop moral values and qualities for responsible leadership

Thinking Leaders, Leading Thinkers

小五个性化学习配套 P5 ISO

    • 小五个性化学习选项

      1. 个性化研习
      2. 创新计划
      3. 未来问题解决计划

1. 个性化研习

2. 创新计划

3. 未来问题解决计划

部门课程 - 双行教育

Individualised Study Options (ISO) was introduced to the Gifted Education Programme in 2003 as an umbrella term for the range of research work made available to GEP students.

In Primary 5, ISO available to GE students in Nanyang Primary School are
  1. IRS: Individualised Research Study;
  2. IvP: Innovation Programme; and
  3. Future Problem Solving Programme (FPSP).

1. Individualised Research Study (IRS)
IRS programme aims to prepare GEP students to become independent learners and to give them opportunities to explore specific areas of talent and interest in greater depth. Students who choose IRS as an ISO in P5 will work on a research project based on their personal interests.

2. Innovation Programme
The Innovation Programme (IvP) provides an avenue for students to develop their problem-solving and inventive skills. It is a programme jointly organised by the Gifted Education Branch and its partner organisations. In the programme, students need to work with others and apply their scientific knowledge and skills to build prototypes to represent their solutions.

3. Future Problem Solving Programme (FPSP)
FPS is an international educational programme that aims to encourage students to develop a vision for the future by teaching them problem solving strategies across the curriculum using critical and creative thinking skills. In FPSP, students are challenged to apply their imagination and thinking skills to some of the significant issues pertaining to both the world of today and the future. Students will be equipped with skills and vision needed to anticipate, comprehend and solve problems associated with current and future issues. Students will also need to work collaboratively with others and synergise their efforts in order to help them to have a positive impact on society in the future.

部门课程  - 双行教育 META Programme (P4 TO P6)


In 2007, the intermingling initiative was introduced to achieve a better balance between stretching the potential of the GEP students and developing their social-emotional competencies, it was also introduced provide a platform to enrich the learning of the non-GEP High Ability (HA) students. This arrangement also enabled GEP students and their non-GEP peers to maintain regular contact and develop closer bonds with their schoolmates through meaningful shared experiences. In Nanyang, the intermingling programme is named as META, which stands for Multiple Enrichment & Teaching Approaches. Students at P4 are selected into the programme and they remain in the programme till P6. The students interact during CL, PE, Music, Art (PAM) lessons, as well as during their CCA & VIA sessions.