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1)      Individualised Study Options (ISO)
There is a wide range of options under ISO, as the name suggests. Projects may be offered under the Innovation Programme (IvP) or under school-initiated programmes such as the Future Problem Solving (FPS), the Schools Digital Media Award (SDMA), or Destination Imagination (DI). Each ISO emphasises a slightly different set of skills, ranging from research skills (IRS), information technology skills (SDMA), inventive thinking skills (IvP), to problem-solving skills (DI & FPS).

 2)      P4 Chinese Language Reading Programme
   This is a new program with the objective of promoting reading culture amongst the P4 students. 

3)      P5 Chinese Language and cultural Camp
This is a one-day camp that is held annually during the March holidays. It is organised by the Gifted Education Branch for all Primary 5 GE and META  pupils (GEP and their non-GEP classmates) in the GEP schools.
 At the camp, pupils have the opportunity to learn Chinese through speech & drama workshops.

 4)      Creative Writing Programme (Selected Pupils)
 Admission to the programme is based strictly on merit. Interested pupils apply for CWP by submitting a portfolio of their creative work.
 Pupils who are accepted for the CWP will be offered a 3-day non-residential camp during the September holidays. The camp provides participants with the opportunity to interact with published writers who can offer them advice on how to hone their writing skills.

 5)      ‘Actitude’ P5 Leadership Camp (Selected Pupils)
 The Gifted Education Branch, with support from the Physical and Sports Education Branch, Student Development Curriculum Division, organises ‘ACTITUDE’, a Leadership Camp for selected GEP pupils and High-Ability Learners (HALs) from the 9 GEP schools during the June school holidays. During the three day residential camp, authentic situations are planned to allow pupils to develop and apply leadership skills. Pupils also engage in group and individual reflection so that they can think about their camp experiences and gain insights to enhance their leadership capacity.

 6)      Mathematical Trail
 The Mathematics Trail is a school-based activity that is conducted after the year-end examination. The activity is usually conducted within the school compound, school neighbourhood, or at various parks or places of interest such as Sentosa and the Singapore Botanic Gardens. The Mathematics Trail provides a good opportunity for pupils to experience the relevance of Mathematics in real life. It emphasises skills such as estimation and mental calculation. Furthermore, it debunks the myth that Mathematics is all about formulae and precise answers, and that it only involves doing “sums” with paper and pen.
At the Trail, pupils will use creative thinking skills to design feasible methods of solving real-life problems. They will also employ mathematical skills to make good estimates of the measurements needed.

 7)      Primary Mathematics Masterclass (PM2)
 The Masterclass, organised by the Gifted Education Branch, is held over three days in the June holidays. Based on results in a selection test, about 30 Primary 5 pupils from the 9 primary GEP schools will be selected to attend the Masterclass.
 At the Masterclass, pupils will be exposed to advanced mathematics concepts in areas like Number Theory, Graph Theory and Combinatorics. There will be an emphasis on developing problem-solving skills through interesting and challenging problems.     
 After the Masterclass, some pupils will be selected to participate in the Primary Mathematics Masterclass Mentorship. This programme aims to further develop participants’ interest and talent in Mathematics. Participants will have the opportunity to be mentored by a mathematician and do research in Mathematics. The selection of participants for the mentorship programme will be based on their interest as well as learning attitude observed during the Masterclass.

 8)      Science Activity with NParks, ‘A Walk in the Park’
This activity is organised in collaboration with NParks. Pupils will embark on a guided tour to one of the parks or nature reserves to learn about the rich biodiversity of flora and fauna found in Singapore. They will learn about the importance of conserving our natural heritage and the part they can play to care for our environment.

 9)      Primary Science Masterclass (Selected Pupils)
 The Primary Science Masterclass is an out-of-class activity, jointly organised by GE Branch with the NUS High School for Mathematics and Science (NUSHS). It will be conducted at NUSHS and comprises two phases. For Phase 1, pupils will attend full-day workshops conducted over one week during the June holidays. Through lectures, laboratory work and tutorials, pupils will be exposed to advanced content in areas such as research methodology, Applied Science (Engineering), Biology, Chemistry, Physics, as well as Environmental Science and Engineering. Content knowledge and skills gained will form the basis for research investigations that pupils will later undertake. c)       Under Phase 2, pupils will meet Teacher-mentors weekly at NUSHS over a three-month period, stretching from July to September. During these weekly two-hour sessions, the pupils will design and conduct science investigations in groups of three. At the end of Phase 2, pupils will prepare a poster to present their investigation findings to their peers and Teacher-mentors.