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Assessment Matters

Academic Pupils are monitored with formal Academic assessments and are required to perform to a minimum Baseline expectation of 70% for every subject. This is to ensure that the GEP is value-adding to pupils’ academic development. The Baseline is a recommended guide for the reasonable performance of pupils belonging to the GEP set by the GEB. Affective In addition, pupils are also monitored for their Affective development through a checklist of Attitudes and Behaviours that are observed by all subject teachers who are involved in the education of the pupil. Feedback and meetings to discuss every pupil’s Academic and Affective development are conducted regularly to ensure pupils are constantly monitored.
 -          Topical Tests
 -          Common Tests (CT)
 -          Semestral Assessments (SA)
 -          Projects & Assignments
 -          Attitude Ratings
 -          Teacher Monitoring & Feedback