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Introduction for Programme

Under the school strategic directions “Holistic Pupil Development”, the department aims to develop pupils as leaders based on the Social Change Model of Leadership (Astin et al).  It is value-based leadership developmental approach and employs service as a vehicle to effect positive change to others in the community.

Leadership training is provided for all pupils through the NYPS School Leadership Programme.  Additional customised trainings are provided for key classroom leadership roles such as Class Monitors and Discipline Monitors.  These sessions are necessary to prepare pupils, especially the lower primary children, to take on their new roles with greater confidence.

The establishment of the NYPS Prefectorial Board provides the platform to further invest and groom this elite group of young leaders.  Additional customised trainings are provided to support their learning and development of their leadership skills.  School events and duties are avenues for prefects to contribute to the school community.  Prefects are also given opportunity to take a lead in planning and running of school events like Teachers’ Day Celebration.  The purpose of such an initiative is to provide a good training ground for prefects to apply and hone their leadership skills through experiential learning.