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Overseas Immersion

e conduct overseas immersion annually. 


-       To provide exposure (foreign language, culture and relating with other nationalities)

-       To create global consciousness and promote cultural sensitivity

-       To provide opportunities to visit or live in a foreign school environment

-       To establish network of overseas institutions for mutual exchange and learning

-       To provide opportunities for character and leadership development (social and emotional competencies)

Immersion trips planned for year 2016

China.pngMar - P4 to Shanghai

Taiwan.pngMar - P5 to Taiwan

Indonesia.pngJun - P5 to Indonesia

China.pngJun - P5 to Nanjing

China.pngJun - P5 to Sichuan

India.pngOct - P6 to India

Hong Kong.pngNov - P5 to Hong Kong