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Key Programmes

To cater to the different learning needs of the pupils, the following programmes are put in place:

  • Learning Support for Mathematics (LSM) for P1 and P2
  • Remedial and/or Supplementary Programme for P1 – P6
  • Mathematics Banding
  • After-School Enrichment Programme
  • Teaching pedagogies which emphasize dynamic interaction, real life application, investigation and exploration (with the use of resources like Math games, manipulatives, IT resources, etc.)
  • Holistic Assessment for P1 to P6
  • Math Odyssey Programme to promote interest and passion in Math
  • SEED programme

To align with the initiative of Teach Less, Learn More, teachers should not be teaching to the test so that pupils will learn more than just to pass examinations. Our teachers will equip the pupils with life skills through:

  • Creating more opportunities for experiential learning e.g. learning journeys, relevant and authentic experiences
  • Improving the quality of classroom instruction
  • Enhancing the quality of teacher-pupil interaction and pupil-pupil interaction
  • Using open-ended and probing questions to stimulate thinking
  • Encouraging collaboration through cooperative learning strategies
  • Focusing on the use of quality resources and practices
  • Designing authentic activities and assessment tasks
  • Providing regular and meaningful feedback


During the various stages of their education, our pupils learn Mathematics meaningfully through the following activities outside the classroom:

P1 and P2 P3 and P4 and P5 P4/ P5/ P6
Performance Tasks
Problem-based Tasks
Math Olympiad and other national and international competitions (Some of the competitions are for selected pupils only)
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Reading Materials
Our pupils encouraged to subscribe to Mathematics magazines like Maths Adventure (P1 to P6).