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Information and Communications Technology

Our Vision

To Become a Centre of Excellence for IT and Innovation

Our Mission

  1. Generate innovative processes in education and enhance creative thinking, lifelong learning and social responsibility.
  2. Produce a confident and morally upright pupil who is IT-savvy.
  3. Enhance linkages between the school and the world around it.
  4. Create administrative and management excellence through use of IT.

Our Value

We are dedicated to expanding human capabilities through resources, literacy information & communication technology.

Strategic Goal

  1. Cultivate independent and self-directed study.
  2. Participate and excel in IT-Based Competitions.
  3. Competence in Foundation IT skills for all pupils.
  4. Competence in IT skills for all teachers..
  5. Innovative use of IT in Administration.
  6. Participation in innovation programmes and competitions for pupils.