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English Language

Our Belief

With a strategic focus on holistic education and bilingualism, Nanyang is well-positioned to develop potential bi-cultural scholars for Singapore. A strong command of English and Chinese will enable our pupils to forge lasting friendships and to gain valuable insights into the rich heritage of both the English-speaking and the Mandarin-speaking nations.

Our Vision

We want to raise generations of avid readers, competent and creative writers and eloquent speakers who will contribute positively to the nation.

Our Mission

  1. To cultivate the love of reading among our pupils
  2. To engage our pupils in learning situations that give them opportunities to express their ideas, thoughts and opinions in speech and writing
  3. To encourage our pupils to question, evaluate and reflect on the texts they read or listen to
  4. To create opportunities for meaningful interaction and collaboration among our pupils in and out of the classroom
  5. To equip our pupils with the ability to gain access to information and knowledge
  6. To empower our pupils to communicate in internationally acceptable English.


The aim of the English instructional programme is to enable pupils to use internationally acceptable English for:
  • Information
  • Literary response and expression
  • Social interaction

The new EL syllabus incorporates a sharper focus on 21st century competencies to enable our students to communicate effectively and confidently.