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弦乐团 String Ensemble

        南小弦乐团成立于1993年。从只有几个小提琴手的小乐团开始,逐渐加入了中提琴、 大提琴和低音提琴,最终形成了现在的规模。从2000年开始,一直到2016年,在指挥陈芝弥女士的带领下,我们在新加坡青年节中央评审(2013年后称为新加坡青年节艺术展演汇)中屡屡获得最高荣誉。2018年,指挥卓铭远先生执棒我校弦乐团,在新加坡青年节艺术展演汇 中再次获得了优异奖 。2013年 , 我校弦乐团远赴捷克的布拉格参加了 “Young2013Prague”,与来自不同国家、不同文化的音乐家交流,获益匪浅。

Established in 1993, the NYPS String Ensemble has expanded from a small group of violinists to an ensemble that includes the viola, cello and double-bass. Under the guidance of our teachers and coaches, the String Ensemble has consistently attained the highest honour at the SYF. We also received a grading of Outstanding in the Western Australia Orchestra Festival in 2010. A group well-seasoned to public performance, we travelled to Prague in March in 2013 to take part in the Young 2013 Prague, where we met and interacted with performing choirs, orchestras and ensembles of different nationalities and cultures. Our two public performances were very well-received and we have received invitations to take part in other festivals in America.