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男童军 Cub Scouts Unit



Aligned to the vision and mission of SSA (Singapore Scout Association), the Pegasus Cub Scout unit aims to provide a conducive group environment which helps the cubs learn and apply the Scout Promise and the Scout Law.

The self-developmental activities planned, both in- and outdoors, are based on the natural sense of fun and enthusiasm of the children. These intellectually stimulating activities are progressive and challenge a child to face and overcome obstacles. They help to develop essential life skills which will aid the children when contributing to the greater good.

Cubs are presented with the opportunity to work on and obtain up to 50 different proficiency badges which cater to the different interests and skills of each cub.

As they develop in their proficiency and commitment to the CCA, the cubs are tested on Citizenship, Leadership and Responsibility, Physical Skills, Self-Reliance, Adventure and Fun. They gradually work towards the Bronze, Silver, Gold Arrow and finally, the Akela Award, the highest award that a cub can attain at Primary 6.