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幼女童军 Brownies





    • 个人与社会发展 - 健康的自我、有礼貌的自我、有文化的自我
    • 家庭 - 家庭安全与责任
    • 户外 - 关注大自然,绿色世界
    • 社区 - 我的国家、我的邻居、互助
    • 国际 - 我的女童军朋友、我的世界

        在幼女童军们参与“五点计划”活动的过程中,她们将会得到荣耀徽章,例如Golden Bar与Golden Hand徽章。 最杰出的幼女童军们将能获得最高荣誉奖--Chief Commissioner’s Award。

Brownies are encouraged to explore and discover the world around them and to become more independent. They are constantly learning new skills in their quest to attain interest and skills badges that they wear proudly on the sleeves of their Brownies Uniform. Brownie leaders often challenge Brownies to explore beyond their comfort zones by attending camps filled with fun and adventurous tasks. Girl Guides Society (GGS) has guided our mission of building courageous and confident girls of character who make the world a better place.

Brownies learn to work and play independently and also in teams. As part of a wider organisation, Brownies explore fun activities together with other Brownie or Girl Guide units for joint learning adventures. Along the way, they build confidence, practise empathy, and forge lasting friendships.

5-Point Programme

Brownies are guided by a comprehensive 5-Point Programme, which develops them in 5 areas:

    • Personal & Social Development – Healthy Me, Courteous Me, Cultured Me
    • Home – Home Safety & Duties
    • Outdoor – Discovering Nature, A Green World
    • Community – My Country, My Neighbourhood, Helper
    • International – My Brownie Friend, My World

In their journey to complete the 5-Point Programme, they may be awarded badges such as the Golden Bar and Golden Hand. Girls who are empowered to achieve their best will work towards the Chief Commissioner’s Award, which is the highest possible award given to a Brownie and can set their foundations in their guiding journey, should they choose to join Guides in secondary school.