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男少年旅 Boys' Brigade

        “Sure and Steadfast”是南洋小学男少年旅的座右铭。 

         在督导老师的带领下,南小男少年旅通过各种户外活动,希望把队员培养成品德高尚、忠诚、负责任的公民。 每个星期六早上8点,队员穿上笔挺的蓝色制服准时报到。通过每周的活动,队员们能培养出身份认同感、团队精神、以及对学校的归属感。 


Sure and Steadfast is the Boys’ Brigade motto.

The 42J Company in Nanyang Primary School, with the help of our passionate Volunteer Adult Leaders, aims to develop boys with moral character, training them to grow up into loyal and responsible citizens who will develop their leadership potential through various outdoor activities.

Every Saturday, the boys don their smart blue uniform and fall-in punctually as the Lead Boys start the parade at 8.00 a.m. The Boys’ Brigade instills a sense of common identity and esprit de corps through weekly participation in drills, competition and games. As the boys learn, play and develop a spirit of service to others, they form a sense of identity and belonging to one another and to the school.

Through a focus on the structure of uniform, badges and drill every Saturday, the boys develop the habits of discipline, self-respect, grooming and teamwork which will shape them into future leaders of the country.