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篮球 Basketball






Nanyang Basketball CCA develops our students’ passion to learn and play Basketball well. The teachers and coaches work in strong partnership with the parents to guide our players to be good children, good students and good basketball players. We inculcate in our players the virtues of caring for family, behaving well in school and finding joy in basketball.

There are 5 core skills which our players strive to master - Stamina, Movement, Ball Skills, Tactics and Fighting Spirit. They are essential to learning to play the game of basketball well.

The boys who show greater proficiency will join the school team, the Nanyang Falcons, for the chance to pit their skills against other schools during friendly matches and inter-school competitions. Meanwhile, our girls are organised to take part in community 3x3 games to gain competitive experience.

Whether in the CCA or School Team, the Basketball CCA teachers and coaches believe in promoting the spirit of good sportsmanship and teaching the students to play right and play well.