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体操 Artistic Gymnastics



In Artistic Gymnastics, our female gymnasts learn to be flexible and build strength to execute elements on apparatus such as the Floor, Vault, Single Bar/Uneven Bars and Balance Beam. Our male gymnasts undergo training to execute elements on the Floor, Vault and Mushroom/Pommel Horse. If they want more challenges, there are Rings, the Horizontal Bar and Parallel Bars to explore as optional events.

Besides representing the school in national competitions, our gymnasts take part in school performances and those organised by Singapore Gymnastics. When the opportunity arises, we participate in events like the ASEAN and World Gymnaestrada and interact with the ASEAN and International counterparts.

This CCA is by-invitation only. It is for students who are trained in this sport or have shown exemplary potential. This is a sport that requires much discipline and perseverance to develop and perfect the skills. Thus our students need to be committed to this CCA so as to achieve excellence and progress in their mental and physical growth.