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机器人协会 Robotics Club




The Robotics Club is a gathering of students who are interested in learning about and working with robots. The Robotics Club gives students the opportunity to develop their creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving skills. This is achieved through technology to build and programme robots to perform tasks and tackle problems. The students will complete a basic Robotics course in Primary 4, before moving on to Advanced Robotics from Primary 5 to Primary 6.

To create a competition-ready robot, students will have to use a number of soft and hard STEM skills. Creativity and problem-solving are essential in building robots that can complete obstacles. Students will have to think outside the box and come up with creative solutions when the robot does not perform as expected.

The Robotic Club members are also exposed to various inter-school and national level competitions, to give them a platform to showcase their skills and apply what they have learnt. In the process, they also learn to work independently as well as cooperate with their team members. The club has evolved over the years to provide members with opportunities to acquire higher levels of robotics skills and achievements with help from our experienced coaches and committed teachers.

Through these experiences, students will acquire values such as teamwork and strive towards excellence.