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新雅之友 Friend of Singa

        “人之初,性本善。”我们相信我们可以在每个人身上找到善意。 新雅之友希望能鼓励人们“日行一善”。如果人们都懂得为他人着想,我们的社会将会更美好。 



We believe we can find kindness in everyone.

In Friend of Singa, we aspire to inspire graciousness one act at a time. By sparing a thought for the people around us, we hope to create a gracious society and make life better for you and me.

Through various skills taught in the CCA, members of the CCA plan and carry out projects to instill in others consideration for others and spread kindness by creating awareness of acts of kindness.

We aim to make Singapore a kinder place.