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电脑协会 Computer Club


The Computer Club consists of a group of students working behind the scenes to come up with videos and animations for school events and competitions.

The students are well-versed in video-editing software and techniques, animation, stop-motion and even photography. If you need advice on camera skills, sound recording and video-lighting techniques, you can definitely approach any of the Computer Club members. Teamwork is a must as we also learn to contribute to the greater good by helping other CCAs who request for assistance in video productions for the school.

The fun of creating animation from scratch with the help of simple software is also taught during the sessions by our professional instructors and ever helpful teachers. That’s right! Anyone can draw animation in the computer club even if they are not artists!

A producer. An animator. A director. A script-writer. An artist. An actor. A narrator. An editor. Our students are all of these in the Computer Club!