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国际象棋 Chess Club




The Chess Club aims to develop in students a lifelong appreciation for International chess - the world's most popular board game from the wide plains of China to the high mountains of Chile - as a uniquely fun communication bridge between various cultures in order to facilitate further mutually beneficial exchanges with the world at large. Our club offers a conducive environment for further growth in chess with a chief focus on competitive chess: our students learn new strategies, upgrade their technique, receive unique access to quality learning materials and are trained to apply the newly learned things during tough competitions such as national-level scholastic tournaments from January to December.

We put special emphasis on the concrete benefits the game has to offer (e.g. strengthening memory and analytical skills, superior calculation and planning, creative thinking skills, smart decision-making, excellent time-management, etc) but we also encourage our students to develop various other skills that are useful off the chessboard as well (e.g. coping with pressure, dealing with defeats, questioning success, social integration, superior teamwork, fostering resilience and fortitude, an appetite for innovation and creativity and so forth.)

The club sessions are conducted by certified and professional masters and internationally acknowledged experts and they involve practical training games as well as a careful and instructive study of the classics (world champions of the past). Throughout the academic year, we organise various appealing competitions and workshops as well. The club sessions are held on Thursdays and Fridays, 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm.

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